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Prescribed resources 

To excel in Geography, it is essential to meticulously dissect and analyse the prescribed syllabus and specimen papers. These invaluable resources can be obtained through the official Singapore Examination Assessment Board (SEAB) website. For your easy reference, the links have been included down below.


The syllabus document serves as a compass, delineating the parameters of content coverage, providing a roadmap for your academic journey. Meanwhile, the specimen papers act as guides, offering you a glimpse of how complex geographical concepts are assessed in examinations. Together, these resources empower you to navigate the diverse terrains of Geography with precision and proficiency, ensuring a comprehensive and strategic approach to your studies.

Sand Dunes

O Level Core Geography (2279)

Two Dried Leaves

O Level Elective Geography(2260/02)

hasan-almasi-nKNm_75lH4g-unsplash Copy_e

N Level Core Geography (2246)

N Level Elective Geography(2125/02)

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