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Geographical Investigations

Geographical Investigations (GI) within the Upper Secondary syllabus can be assessed in the O and N level written examinations. The topics for GI differ for students taking Core Geography and Geography Elective.

Core Geography:

Coastal studies, Tourism


Geography Elective:

Weather and Climate, Tourism

Despite the differences in the topics, the skills required to understand and conduct geographical investigations are the same across both Core and Elective Geography syllabuses. 

All of you will have to go through the 4 key stages of inquiry for GI:

  1. Sparking curiosity: formulating guiding questions or hypothesis

  2. Gathering data: identifying and locating relevant data

  3. Exercising reasoning: interpret and analyse geographical data; present findings and analysis

  4. Reflective thinking: evaluate and improve on data collection and analysis

In the following pages, we will unpack the 4 stages of inquiry and understand how to transfer your learning from GI fieldwork to the written examinations.

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